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    2024 // WARMUP MIXES

    About Me. I'm Mickey, a fitness music producer (20+ years) and instructor at Crunch Fitness and love taking Zumba classes!

    Order My DJ WarmUps. Now you can order my pumped up blends for your Group Fitness classes! Check out my Latin mash-ups, Retro Remixed,  Top 40 and Booty. 

    Genres for everyone. I post genres for instructors in all areas. From sexy Miami Boutiques to small town YMCAs.  From Latin to Pop to Retro to Rock - everyone needs warmups for their demographics. Look for my ads on FB & IG.


    Format. All warmups are around 130 BPM and most are edited to 32-Count for easy choreography! Perfect for Zumba Instructors & dance!

    100% Clean. Always Clean Lyrics!  I also look for over suggestive or demeaning lyrics.

    100% Unbranded. I do NOT put any DJ voice overs with my name. Ex: "You're listening to DJ So & So".  Your class is about you...not to promote me. You get beats and music only!

    Full Preview. Listen before you buy!  Click and each mix will play to the end. Each warmup is around 6-7 minutes long.  Custom lengths available.

    Always $8.99 or less. Best low prices & watch for price drops on older mixes.  Buy your warmup today. You pay online and will get a download link emailed to you right after paying.

    Music To Your In Box.  You will get an Email with a link to download your music files. You cannot download to your device - unless you know how.  You need to download to your computer and then drop to your phone or device.

    Beats 4 you

    Selling Worldwide Monthly // Thanks For Sharing The Love!
    UPDATED: 6/4/24


    HIT ME UP!

    If you need a custom warmup (bpm, length, genre, etc) reach out now! I can do almost anything!

    Thanks! I'll be in touch soon!

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